Wanting to change the look of your car, without costly re-spray expenses?

Vehicle protection

Are you wanting to change the look of your vehicle, without a costly re-spray bill? Then we may have the solution for you!

Xpel STEALTH is a clear film, durable, tough, thin, and self-healing. But there is a twist. Xpel STEALTH has a matte finish.

If you want a matte look to your car, with out re-spraying the vehicle, then Xpel STEALTH is the perfect option.

Matte paintwork requires much more attention than standard paintwork. You must constantly pay matte paintwork attention, removing bird droppings and other debris as soon as possible, or risk the paintwork marking and leaving a dull finish.

With Xpel STEALTH however, this is very different. There are many benefits having the Xpel STEALTH installed rather than having a full matte re-spray. The film looks even better than matte paintwork when installed. You do not have to care for the film as you would do with matte paintwork, and remember the STEALTH is still a paint protection film, so your original paintwork will still be protected!

If you get tired of the matte finish on your vehicle, you can simply remove the film, and you have your original paintwork back, no costly body work re-sprays needed!

If you already have a vehicle finished in a matte colour, why not keep it protected with Xpel STEALTH, and save yourself the hassle of constantly caring and removing debris and protecting against stone chips and day to day driving!