Is Paint Protection Film worth the expense?

Vehicle protection

We hear people question ‘is PPF (paint protection film) worth the money, and does it really work?’ I can tell you, that in fact, paint protection film is indeed worth the expense, and yes, it really does work!

Paint protection film is a very thin, clear durable layer that sits on top of the paintwork on your vehicle. The film is very tough, stopping stone chips, light scuff marks, scratches, paint fade, and general debris from day to day driving!

Now, some people say that this product isn’t worth the expense, well, let me ask you this, if you have a vehicle that represents a large financial investment, and you didn’t have PPF applied to your car or motorhome, you get out of your vehicle after your daily drive, and you see stone chips on your front bumper. How are you going to feel?

Some would say ‘not a problem, I’ll get my bumper re-sprayed’. First, to get a quality body shop to re-spray the bumper, you are looking at a large financial out-lay. Secondly, the quality of the job will never be factory finish. The paintwork maybe slightly lighter or darker to the original paintwork on the rest of the vehicle and this will show. You may also see an orange peel like effect in the paintwork. Thirdly, you can’t be sure of the consistency of the paint finish across the whole bumper. What I mean by this is, some area’s may have more paint coverage than other areas, making certain areas thinner or thicker, and fourth, you could pick your vehicle up from the body shop with the newly re-sprayed bumper, and the same thing could easily happen again days later or even hours after! What happens next, another re-spray? More financial outlay, which could have been prevented in the first place with the application of PPF!

My point is, you will never be able to replace original paintwork. On high value vehicles, original paintwork is very important, especially when it comes to the re-sale value of the vehicle!

The Film is very tough, durable, and once applied, virtually invisible on the vehicle. PPF is perfect for brand new vehicles. Keep your Paint work in immaculate condition from day one, no re-sprays needed, and for a one-time cost!

Customers have taken their high value vehicles on track days and had paint protection film installed specifically for the event. Think of the damage caused by stone chips and other debris that would pepper the front end of the vehicle without the film. With the paint protection film applied, PPF itself may get peppered with stone chips, but once removed from the car, the original paintwork is still in immaculate condition, with no signs of damage.

If paint protection film can withstand the high-speed impacts from stone’s, bugs, and general debris on a track day, the only question is, why wouldn’t you have PPF applied to your vehicle for everyday use, keeping that all important original paint work in pristine condition?

One thing to remember, PPF isn’t designed to improve the look of your vehicle, its designed and applied to protect the paintwork on the vehicle. PPF is a sacrificial layer, keeping the more important original paintwork immaculate!