Here at Pride & Joy we use two main paint protection films, XPEL ULTIMATE & XPEL STEALTH.


Xpel ULTIMATE is a clear, self healing film that protects your Pride & Joy from stone chips, scuffs, light scratches, swirl marks and paint fade from day to day driving. Swirl marks and scratches disappear when heat is applied within minutes.This can simply be heat from the sun, or from the a warmth of your garage. With its super slick surface, contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar and sap, simply wipe off with a cloth, making it very easy to keep your Pride & Joy clean and protected.


Xpel STEALTH is also a self healing, clear film, with all the same benefits as the ULTIMATE, STEALTH has a satin finish for matte bodywork. STEALTH can also be used on gloss and metallic paintwork if you wanted to change the appearance of your Pride & Joy to a matte finish.

Your Pride and Joy is our Pride and Joy!